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constant variable: a free libre open source arts lab based in brussels

Rue Gallait 80
Schaerbeek, Brussels

How to get here?

Who are we? (incomplete list)

Past Events

  • BBQ! 09/09/2012 One year of Variable
  • Here's a list of events between 2011 and 2014: [1]

Internal (For users of the house)

Click on the word Internal above. (doh!)

Past residents

Guests who stayed in Variable, as invited resident, as long term collaborator or short term professional studio quatter.


<video src="">video tag is the future</video>

We have a channel on Experimental tv that Dani Miracle kindly prepared for us. [2]



Searching for "Variable" in the Gallery of Constant produces pictures of the events that have taken place. [3]

Etat des Lieux

Collection of traces from the collective work that takes place in the house.

post Variable VARIABLE-LOOP

Planning of Future LOOP events starting in september 2014